A picture of me petting two good dogs in a snowy landscape in Banff, Canada.


I’m Alessandro Mingione, a designer from Rome, Italy, living in Oakland, California.

I’m a design generalist at heart. I’ve been designing things for other people since my early teens. I experimented with illustration, editorial design, brand design, web design, type design and, for the past decade, interaction design.

Today I design at Tailscale, where we are building the new internet. Here I’ve touched everything from our website and social media graphics, to branded socks, end to end flows that span desktop, mobile, and web apps, and to some of our most clicked buttons and beloved rectangles.

In a previous life I designed at Palantir, where I led Design for the Security product area and contributed to Blueprint.

Outside of work you may find me sipping Taiwanese oolongs, hunting vintage menswear, forest bathing in the redwoods, tending to my cacti, or listening to hard bop and funky jazz.